If you want, you’re able to purchase managing / configuration / maintenance services from us. Unlike managed VPS where you pay far more on a recurring basis, these are totally optional services you have access to only when and if you need them.

You can pay the best prices for your VPS by getting unmanaged ones, like with our partner RackNerd (current offers here) and manage them yourself with the peace of mind you will have someone to take care of what you ask if the need arise. Be it an installation, configuration, design, problem solving, or anything.

Do you want for example a VPS with WordPress installed as you want it? Sure. A turnkey remote desktop, ready for you to connect and use? Of course! A software installed and configured? Just ask.

Price is $29 for 20 minutes of work, which is enough time for most small tasks. If what you’re asking requires more time, we’ll tell you upfront. The price remains $29 times the number of 20 minutes periods.

Tell us what you need and we’ll confirm we can do it, and how much it will cost. No strings attached.